Pierced By Vlad Chen

About Vlad!

About Vlad

Hello, my name is Vlad

I am a professional body- piercer stylist with many years of experience.My first experience with piercing was during my school years, when I pierced my friends and acquaintances, in conditions that were apparently not similar to what I have in the studio today.But even then I liked the idea of ​​this beautification ritual.Time flies and now I have more than 10 years of experience as a professional piercer in the studio, where we strictly follow hygienic conditions and the client does not have to worry about safety.After performing several thousand piercings, I still continue to educate myself.I regularly attend conferences of professional piercers, seminars and workshops.

About me

I like to experiment and approach each customer individually

I help with the selection of a suitable place and jewelry in accordance with the person’s style and also from the point of view of problem-free healing.I carry out my work carefully and try to improve your appearance and self-confidence with the help of piercing. Online consultation is for free.

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